Introduction to OverChat

Greetings and welcome. I expect you've come here with no idea as to what OverChat is. OverChat is a new way. A community of developers and people looking to expand the internet. OverChat is a chat system which we are building to support pounces, integrated telephony, distributed servers and exchanges.

OverChat is based on a central database maintained by Daybo Logic and a central code repository. The project is BSD-licensed and Open Source. The project is based on a central, core library called Blake, which is named after somebody I went to college with, (Mike Blake) from the Isle of Wight college. The server and all tools and clients rely on this library. The project is designed around the idea of a thin server/client architecture from a local developer's point of view and a thick central library which deals with all specifics, so client developers don't have to worry about changes in specification.

If you're still interested in the project, please head over to the dedicated OverChat site.