The Daybo Logic Dependency Generator

Last update: 13th May 2006

DayboDep 0.5.1
Author: David Duncan Ross Palmer
License: GNU GPL
Other libraries like this: makedep, fastdep

Description: The dependency generator (daybodep) is a short and fast program which can automatically read C/C++ source and headers to determine a list of dependencies which can then be written out to the project makefile. This means that if you are not using GNU automake, you no longer have to manually modify the Makefile when adding include files or having to re-build the entire project which could be time consuming. This utility is compiler-independant and new features and improvements are made fairly regularly. I have already incorporated a few patches from interested developers.

daybodep incorporates these features:

  • -I sets inclusion path
  • Optionally includes system headers as dependencies
  • Warns of missing dependencies
  • stderr optional but recommended to avoid breaking the build process
DOWNLOAD   <-- Grab source here.
Bitbucket repository

Known problems with this release. Occasional problems have been seen warning of spurious missing dependencies. Pre-processor is not complete and unnecessary dependencies are created on platforms on which the headers may not be available.