The Daybo Logic scripts

Last update: 28th February 2006

DLScripts 0.3.0
Author: David Duncan Ross Palmer
License: BSD

Description: This is the scripts package which future Daybo Logic software will will rely on at compile time and possibly at run-time as well. Therefore if you distribute Daybo Logic software, it would be wise to distribute and install DLScripts and DLStds as well. You should install both of these packages before attempting to build any modern Daybo Logic software.

The standard home for these packages is:
You may encounter problems if the scripts are placed elsewhere.
On Win32 boxes, the standard path is:
%CommonProgramFiles%\Daybo Logic\scripts
Where CommonProgramFiles is an environment variable, which is normally set to
c:\Program Files\Common Files

This scripts package contains these scripts:

  • Daybo Logic Erase- Version 0.6 (20040618)
  • Daybo Logic LibTool 1.1 (20060228)
  • LineLen 0.2 (20050921)
  • Daybo Logic DayboCrypt Maker - Version 0.4 (20040617)
  • Daybo Logic String Table Creation Script - Version 0.7 (20040715)
  • Daybo Logic log reverser - Version 0.1 (20060226)
  • dlscripts installer - Version 0.2 (20060215)
  • Daybo Logic Borlandify - Version 0.1.2 (20060228)
  • Daybo Logic GetMusic - Version 0.3 (20060222)
  • Daybo Logic EOL - Version 0.1 (20060227)
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Known problems with this release. None.