Last update: 8th September 2019

Test::Module::Runnable 0.4.2
Author: Duncan Ross Palmer
License: BSD
Other libraries like this: Test::Class::Moose

A runnable Perl test framework based on Moose introspection, for running your test suites.

Automagically call all methods matching a user-defined pattern. Supports per-test setUp and tearDown routines and easy early BAIL_OUT in Test::Builder using Test::More

The library incorporates these features:

  • Very easy to sub-class and start using in five minutes
  • Low-overhead
  • Supplied with examples
  • An authorized open sourced version of a commercially-used framework in continuous use
  • Regularly accepts feedback and new features
  • The test framework is itself fully and thoroughly tested
  • Similar to JUnit -- if you use that in Java, this works in a very similar way

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