The Daybo Logic C-RTL Memory manager official webpage

Last update: 24th February 2006

DPCRTLMM library 1.2.0
Author: David Duncan Ross Palmer
License: BSD
Other libraries like this: mpatrol, dmalloc

Description: This is a memory manager for C programmers, for full details read the extensive documentation.
Version 1.2.0 is a stable release.
DPCRTLMM is now available under a BSD-style license, rather than the GNU General Public License.

The library incorporates these features:

  • Ability to separate out blocks of memory into arrays, one array per module is nice
  • Ability to recover the size of a block so one doesn't have to store it in the program
  • Lockable blocks so that releasing them later will cause traps
  • Common pointer mistakes such as releasing unowned memory are eliminated
  • Memory leak reports
  • Complete log of all usage
  • Hooking of almost all operations so the program may preview activity
  • Ability to determine if a pointer is invalid BEFORE it is used
  • Unlimited number of hooks per event default=32 (requires rebuild)
  • An unlimited (in theory) number of blocks can be allocated
  • Unlimited block arrays (modules) per program, default=512 (requires rebuild)
  • Information about every block allocated and it's owner
  • Fine/line tracing (C only)
  • Garbage collection if library has traps disabled.
  • Thread safety
DOWNLOAD   <-- Grab source here.
Bitbucket repository

Known problems with this release. FreeBSD 4.11: POSIX threads is not in libpthread, but in libc_r. This means, if you configure with --enable-threads, you will need to set LDFLAGS='-pthread' because the example programs with otherwise fail to link, complaining about missing pthread_mutex_init and other, related functions.